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Online therapy is the provision of therapy via online means such as through text, video, or/and audio services.  It is also known as eCounselling, distance therapy and internet therapy.

Why people prefer online therapy > 

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Why people prefer online therapy

Works around your schedule.
Book shorter sessions, re-schedule, cancel your appointments or find a new therapist at the touch of a button. eTherapy work with you so you can get the timely help you need on your terms. 

Backed by research.
Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of online therapy for various presenting concerns including reductions in distress, improvements in well-being, greater personal insight, improved relationships, and so on.

More affordable.
Face-to-face therapy in Canada can be as expensive as $200 per hour-long session without insurance coverage — eTherapy can be as low as $39.99 per week for unlimited access to your personal therapist. In your case, it’s even covered by your employee benefits!

No more wait times.
55% of family doctors rank access to psychiatrists from fair to poor with many youths reporting up to a year in wait times to receive the help they need — eTherapy provides access to a therapist in up to 20 minutes of registration

Stigma-free access.
39% of Ontario workers would not tell their managers if they were experiencing a mental health problem for fear of being judged. eTherapy allows you to access help from the comfort of your phone so you never have to feel concerned about your privacy again.

Meets you where you are at.
Access help when and how you need it without ever taking time off: On the bus, at work or from the comfort of your home. Helpful for those with no accessible transportation, mobility or chronic pain issues, agoraphobia, and low energy.


Is online therapy ethical?

Not all online therapy platforms provide services by registered therapy professionals. Snapclarity’s network of therapists consists of individuals who are ethically bound by their province’s college of accreditation or Canada-wide association — the same code of ethics applied to face-to-face therapists.  

 Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
Review code of ethics 

College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario
Review code of ethics

College of Psychologists of Ontario
Review code of ethics

Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
Review code of Ethics 


Keeping your information secure

Snapclarity’s eTherapy services are HIPAA compliant. We have given very careful consideration when it comes to protecting client privacy. In order to best protect client information, Snapclarity stores very little (encrypted) client data and when it does, it is located in Canada.

Learn more about how your information is protected > 

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our HelpCentre to review all documentation or chat with a representative. 

Everything you need to know about Snapclarity’s assessment
Up to 20 minutes long, the assessment is comprised of a series of questions about personal experiences and feelings. Your results offer information to empower you to get better as fast as possible. Learn more >

Step-by-step Guide: How to Navigate Snapclarity
A little help goes a long way. This article covers information on how to create your account, complete your mental health assessment, and set-up to begin receiving therapy via Snapclarity.  Learn more >

Maneuvering the insurance landscape
Discuss insurance coverage with your therapist up front and contact your insurance provider to make sure their services are covered. Snapclarity accepts masters of social work and registered psychotherapists with a clinical psychologist supervisor. Learn more >

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