Covid-19 Crisis: How leaders can make a difference to support employee mental health

Covid-19 Crisis: How leaders can make a difference to support employee mental health

The increasing severity of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic presents unprecedented challenges to both employers and employees. It’s essential organizations make their people a top priority and work to protect and support the health and well-being of employees and their families.

Estelle Morrison, Head of National Clinical Operations for Snapclarity, discusses how leaders can make a difference in supporting employee mental health.

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The response to the webinar has been incredible and we’d like to thank all those who reached out to the team with further questions. We decided to pick one question that we believe other organizations will benefit from and share a little more of Estelle’s wisdom with you.

Question: We have a population that is active daily on Slack. How can we allow for open connection, discussion and engagement, and also regulate negative, disparaging or escalating discourse? 

Estelle Morrison replied: 

It would be helpful to start with a team meeting that explores and reviews the rules of engagement for Slack. Remind the group that Slack’s purpose is to stay connected, gather information, ask questions and share thoughts. As with any shared feedback community, all users must question if their share is helpful, mindful, and respectful of others. 

If an individual feels the need to vent, they should be redirected to the internal avenues where they can let off steam without impacting others. This is not about having to always be positive. Instead, the need is to identify the acts that move both people and the organization towards improvement. An example of this is for people to make a suggestion rather than complain.

The focus is on the contribution and role of people in encouraging change and impactful action in the workplace. 

We understand the impact that coronavirus is having on organizations and employees. To help, we’ve created a handy guide on the best practices that organizations can use to support their employees’ mental well-being during this challenging time.

If you have any questions regarding Snapclarity Health, please reach out to the Care Team – we’re here to help.

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