Stress Management Strategies

These valuable and easy to follow strategies will help you better deal with the stress in your life. They can help you establish a healthy mindset regarding stress while building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Self-care stands up against stress

Stress can start an unhealthy cycle where basic needs become neglected, exacerbating even more stress in the body. Make a point to eat well, get regular exercise and strive for sufficient sleep along with other forms of self-care that work well for you. 

Tackle the to-do list and prioritize your responsibilities

Having a long to-do list can feel stressful. Focus on completing the quick tasks first. Checking off the small tasks will help clear your mind to focus on your bigger responsibilities.

Don’t give all your energy to one thing

People who are over involved in one aspect of their life (e.g. work/career) can often struggle to deal with stress when that area becomes challenging. Try to balance your energy and time between all areas of your life, i.e. career, family, friendships and personal interests. 

Get your problems off your chest– even if they won’t be solved

It’s vital to set aside time to chat to friends, family or a therapist. When you talk about your stressors,  you release hormones in your body that help reduce negative feelings associated with stress. 

Get perspective on the bigger picture

Sometimes, small problems can feel much bigger than they are. In the heat of the moment, try to take a step back and think about how important your stressors are in a broader context. Jotting your problems down (or talking to a therapist) can help you identify and develop a healthier perspective on your stressors. 

Set aside daily moments for yourself

When life feels chaotic and frenzied, personal time usually slips down to the bottom of the list. However, when you miss out on the things that bring you joy and happiness, everything else tends to suffer and feel miserable. Set aside some much-needed daily moments to relax and have fun without any interruptions. 

We can manage stress, but can’t eliminate it

It’s helpful to remember that stress is a handy tool that has ensured the survival of our species all these centuries. 

By reframing our thoughts, we can learn to view stress as a tool that can motivate us to solve problems, thus reducing the negative symptoms we associate with stress. The goal is to manage our stress since we can’t always eliminate it. 

Thank you to Therapist Aid for the great inspiration.