CBT Tool To Try

Many of us talk negatively to ourselves at some point in the day without even realizing it. When we identify our negative self-talk, we are able to see past the fog that clouds our perspective. Once we have a clear vision we can begin to look at life more objectively, helping us to create new positive self-talk responses. Try to stop pesky negative thoughts in their tracks by recording each negative thought you have during the day. Note how this thought made you feel along with its trigger — where you were at the time and what you were doing when you had that flash of negativity. Once you log your negative thought — immediately challenge it by looking at the reasons to why that thought may not be true. Ask yourself is this thought fact or fiction? Once you’ve bagged your evidence against those pesky false beliefs then record a more positive, alternative thought. Now say this new thought aloud and write down how it made you feel. As you begin to master this process over time, you will notice how easy it becomes to spot your negative self-talk mode. Continue to repeat your new positive thoughts - saying them out loud until you feel better, brighter and in greater control of your thoughts and beliefs.

Thought record to spot your negative thoughts

    1) Your negative thought.
    2) How does this negative thought make you feel?
    3) The trigger of your thought (where and when)
    4) Is it fact or fiction? What evidence do you have to prove it’s false?
    5) Your new positive thought.
    6) How do you feel when you say it out loud?

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