Tips & Tricks To Help You Relax

Sometimes we skip relaxation time in place of getting more work done and conquering the to-do list, but this cheats us from enjoying moments in our day and can negatively impact our mental health.

This relaxation diary is not only a great reminder to take relaxation moments but is also a valuable tool to document and assess the daily pockets of time that work well and should be protected in order to stay mentally healthy and happy.

Relaxation Diary – Directions and Results 

Directions for completing your relaxation diary:

    1. Record any relaxation techniques or activity you undertake during the day, over the length of a week. Aim for 3 moments in your working day.
    2. Assess and note down how effective each relaxation technique/activity was by rating it on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = not effective to 10 = highly effective).
    3. Think about past successful relaxation activities as well as experimenting with new techniques. Monitor your results to determine what works best for you and strive to schedule non-negotiable daily relaxation moments that help support your mental wellness.

Thank you to Harborview Medical Centre for the great inspiration!