How To Power Up Your Communications

It’s essential to have healthy communication skills, but sometimes we need practice to master them. It’s important to know how to reflect on your communication before, during and after having an important discussion. 

This worksheet provides you with prompts to facilitate strong reflection skills that will power up your communication and get you ready for your next significant conversation.

Complete the three exercises below to help you tackle future discussions or confrontations.

1. Before you have a discussion with someone, consider the following:

What is the best-case scenario for the discussion? 


What is the worst-case scenario for the discussion? 


What is the most likely scenario for the discussion? 


2. As you prepare for a critical discussion, consider the following: 

What do I know about the situation? 


What do I want to communicate to the person? 


What do I need to keep in mind about the person’s perspective of the situation? 


3. As you reflect on the communication following your discussion, consider the following:  

Did I assert my needs and expectations? 


Did the person effectively receive the message? 


What changes do I expect to see? 


Thank you to PsychPoint for the great inspiration.