How gratitude and resilience go hand-in-hand

Developing your resilience is a personal journey that we can develop like a muscle, as it needs to be worked in order to get stronger. Deliberate practice of resilience activities – such as the gratitude wall – combined with self-awareness is essential to enhancing your resilience. 

Resilience activity: Creating your gratitude wall

A gratitude wall is an effective way to express your appreciation, either at home or in the workplace, to enhance your resilience. 

How to make a gratitude wall:
  1. Write down all the things you are grateful for on sticky notes. 
  2. Place the sticky notes to a designated area i.e, a wall, a door, a mirror or a bulletin board, to provide daily visual reminders of all the good things that you have in your life. Consider including inspirational quotes, quotes from your favourite book or simple words to remind you of all the things and people you appreciate.
  3. Revisit your gratitude wall throughout the day and particularly in moments of self- doubt, frustration, anxiety, upset or despair. Take stock and gather the inspirational words and wisdom to lift you from the negative thought patterns you may be down-spiraling into.  

Thank you to Positive Psychology for the awesome inspiration.