The Avoidance Hierarchy Ladder

In situations that are perceived as dangerous, people naturally act to keep themselves safe. When you try to avoid a fearful situation, it then becomes a safety-seeking behaviour that helps to maintain your anxiety. 

By observing and identifying your fears, you can start to understand what triggers them and begin to manage them.  

Build a ladder of anxiety-producing situations, beginning with the most distressing, and ending with the least distressing. Rank each item on a scale of 1 to 10 according to how distressing it would feel to encounter that situation. The idea is once you become more comfortable with the lowest level of the hierarchy, you can move onto the next trigger on the list.

Use this tool to discover your fearful situations, then consult with your mental healthcare professional for support to overcome your anxiety by approaching these situations gradually and safely. 

Thanks to Psychology Tools for the wonderful inspiration.