Our story, our solution


Snapclarity was developed in partnership with Terrace Wellness Group. We have been offering services in mental health care for 20 years. Despite all the money, time and energy invested in wellness research and awareness, little has changed to improve outcomes. Only 12.5% who have illness will get accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment leaving 88% of the those to suffer chronically. Our goal was to improve the coordination of mental health through innovation and technology.

We looked at the emerging technologies, to improve service delivery because the traditional model is unable to meet the increased prevalence. Our focus was to remove all barriers to care, access to specialized care, experience level with the mental health worker, and patient data.

The innovation started with a mental health triage that immediately connected an assessment with an immediate treatment plan.  The results of the assessment would link clients with the right professional with the right skills at the right time. Our study revealed that within 16 weeks 86.5% of clients improved in all areas life functions also, removed all friction to receiving quality care.

This was the evolution of snapclarity a premier mental health solution. Our platforms links users to therapists through text, video and allows the user to have options in the length of sessions.

Our innovative onboarding technology is an assessment based on algorithms to determine the individual’s risk level and provides an immediate treatment plan.

Snapclarity is faster to treatment plan, improves patient data, scalable and available anytime anywhere.

Quality mental health should be a reality.

Meet our founders

We started with an idea and we are making it a reality.

Terri Storey


Terri Storey is the Founder and President of Terrace Wellness Group which includes Terrace Youth Residential Services (TYRS), an Ontario-wide residential treatment program for youth, and the more recent Terrace  Wellness Centre, a family mental health clinic offering a broad range of integrated assessment and therapeutic services. Terri started TYRS over 20 years ago with a personal passion “to develop services that meet the mental health needs of youth, without the barriers”. As a recipient of Ottawa’s 2014 Entrepreneur Businesswoman of the Year, Terri is a leader and a visionary in the field of mental health. She brings this expertise and deep understanding of Canadian mental health issues to Snapclarity.

Jeff Deriger


Jeff has served as CFO for Terrace Youth Residential Services (TYRS) for the past twelve years, and more recently joined TYWC. As CFO of Snapclarity, Jeff is responsible for accounting and financial operations, strategic reporting, budget development and management, and contract management. Having served as CFO for TYRS, Jeff is continuing his responsibilities in finance operations and planning, contract management, marketing and branding, content management and new business development. Jeff is actively involved in the business strategy and corporate development.